Model 47 – Harpoon rifle


The model 47 is a factory made harpoon rifle. Most of the harpoon rifles you find are modified (military) guns, like the Jarmann M28. This rifle was made in 2 configuration; the “Linkastingsgevär” and the “Harpungevär”. The “Linkastingsgevär” was used by the fire department to shoot safety lines. The “harpoon” had a rubber tip and a magazine for the rope was placed under the fore stock. 

The harpoon weighted about 425 gram and the 58 meter long rope (3.5 mm thick) was made of hemp.
The harpoon rifle was used to hunt on fish, seal, walrus and smaller whale species. The harpoon is fitted with a rear steering heel and a hardened tip and wings of hardened carbon steel, which can be replaced. [Is this correct?? Info appriciated]
Equipment delivered with the harpoon rifle is: approx. 50 meter of 15-yarn rope, approx. 90 meter 30-yarn rope, board to put the line on, balja for placering av linan fore utkastet samt flytboj och glaskulor [Translation appriciated, original text form the Husqvarna book]

The rifle was manufactured from 1933 until 1935 and approximately 150-200 pieces where made.
The price for this rifle was 125 kr, without accessories.

The system of the model 47 is also based on the “Mauser system” and has a simple locking mechanism. It also has a flat bolt head.

Barrel and sights
The gun has a 52 cm (20 “) long round barrel. It’s a smooth bore. The rear sight was fixed and had a V-groove. The front sight is made of brass and soldered on the barrel. The driving cartridge is a 12 Ga with a length of 45 mm. The 12 Ga paper shell was loaded with a maximum of 3 grams of black powder, with on top two 10 mm thick wads made of cows hair or paper.
The marking on top of the barrel is “Husqvarna Vapenfabriks A.B.”.

The stock is made of walnut and has a pistol grip with checkering. The back plate is made of steel. Because of the heavy recoil a detachable rubber back plate was available.

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