Model 45 – Moose rifle

The single shot rifle model 45 is a more coarser version of the model 25, 26 and 35. The production of this rifle started in 1912 and ended in 1932.
These models were called the “Älgstudsare” or Moose rifle.

The price for this rifle was 60 kr in 1915.

The bolt action system of the model 45 is based on the “Mauser system”, with a flat bolt head. The system is heavier then the system of the model 25, 26 and 35.


Barrel and sights
The octagonal barrel is 68 cm long (approx. 27 inch). The barrel is rifled and has a twist rate of about 1:??? . It is chambered for the 45-70 cartridge, the metric denotation is 11.4x53R. In the Jan Tuveson book “Gamla Svenska Vapen” it is written that the 45-70 cartridge was loaded with “röksvag” powder or nitro powder. The caliber is marked on top of the barrel “Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Kal 45-70.”

The sight is a flip sight for 2 distances; 60 m and 120 m. The front sight has a German silver inlay and is fixed with a screw on the barrel.

The stock is made of walnut and has a pistol grip with checkering.

Interesting information
The model 45 is a single shot rifle and did not had a factory magazine. For some time Sarco Inc offered this model 45 which included a box magazine.

Interesting information

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