Model 25 – Bird rifle

The model 25 is the same model as the model 26 and 35. Distinctions are made in the caliber. It was introduced in 1908 and the production ended in 1925.
These models were called the “fågelstudsare” or bird rifles.

The price for this rifle was 25 kr in 1908.


The system of the model 25 is based on the “Mauser system” and has a simple locking mechanism.

Barrel and sights
The octagonal barrel is 64 cm long (approx. 25 inch). The barrel is rifled and has a twist rate of about 1: [Is this correct?? Info appriciated] . It is chambered for the 32-20 Win cartridge. 

The metric denomiation is 8.1x33R. In the Jan Tuveson book “Gamla Svenska Vapen” it is written that the 32-20 cartridge was loaded with “röksvag” powder or nitro powder. The caliber is marked on top of the barrel “Husqvarna Vapenfabrik, Kal. 32-7,65 m.m.”

The sight is a flip sight for 2 distances; 60 m and 120 m. The front sight has a German silver inlay and is fixed with a screw on the barrel.


The stock is made of walnut and has a pistol grip with checkering.

Interesting information
The model 25 was designed for smokeless cartridges. There are no marking on the gun that say nitro proof, but in catalogs it is stated that these guns where used with smokeless cartridges.
But sometimes you find something strange, as shown in the pictures. There is a stamp on the barrel “ELG *” in an oval. Which means a Liege black powder proof for rifles. The strange thing is that the stamp is used from 1811 until 1892 and the rifle is made from 1908. Another odd Husqvarna rifle or creative genius trying to make a black powder gun. Which can be owned legally in the Netherlands without a license..

Interesting information

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