Model 100

The model 100 is the same model as the model 101. The only distinction is the material of the barrel. The model 100 has a steel barrel made of Svensk Stål and the model 101 is made from Svenskt Specialstål. The model 100 was introduced in 1905, the production ended in 1912. The price for this gun was 110 sek

The mechanism used for this shotgun is the top lever with a quadruple lock, without a cross bolt. The back action locks  are radial aligned in the frame. The hammers are more of a standard design. The gun has a beautiful engraving. 
The picture shows the Top Lever mechanism.


Barrel and sights
The barrel is made of Svenskt steel. The barrel length is between 73 and 75 cm. The model 100 was made as a 12 Ga and a 16 Ga with a 65 mm chamber length.   


The stock is made of walnut and has a pistol grip or an English grip. Both the grip and front stock have checkering. The connection of the front stock to the gun is done with a wedge or a spring lock construction.

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